It's all in the planning

Ensuring a perfect fit

We've all heard the phrase 'measure twice, cut once', and it's true to say that it is all in the planning. This has never been so important as it is with blinds and all window dressings.

Blinds by Design survey and measuring service will overcome all manner of potential problems caused by poor measuring that will ultimately create issues at installation stage or worse still, having to remake the blinds.

During a full survey, our experts will not only ensure that accurate measurements are taken, but will also assess the condition of areas where the blinds will be installed to establish any special requirements needed at installation stage. Dependant upon the shape the windows, sizes, condition of walls along with a host of other potential issues that could restrict an installation, our highly experience staff will make recommendations of the best fit practise.

They will advise and explain as to whether special brackets and various other bespoke fixings will be required to ensure a perfect installation for you the customer. They will also discuss the varieties control cords and positions to make smooth operation of the blinds.

Choosing Blinds by Design will take all the hassle and all unwanted, poorly fitted blinds, including potential additional costs.

Complete Peace of Mind


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